what if?


sfh has been recognized for her screenwriting -- she was one of the 10 finalists for the Vancouver Women in Film's International Screenwriting Competition for her feature genre script Addict & Multiply.

Read more about the competition here: VWIFF International Screenwriting Competition 

Select Film Projects

  • Addict & Multiply: a sci-fi/fantasy feature which follows three women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside as they discover and try to eradicate a new drug which threatens to end the world. Side effects include time travel, and ghosts.

Select TV Projects

  • Port -- sfh co-wrote this sci-fi miniseries, which follows a janitor at the Denver airport as she stumbles on a plot to destroy the planet...as well as an alien, inter-world vortex built right under the airport.
  • Under the Skin -- a spec script for Doctor Who