what if?

Radio Work

sfh was a co-host on Alphabet Soup, a monthly radio show on CITR 101.9FM in Vancouver, BC. The show explores the craft of writing by inviting a guest artist to read their work and then discuss it -- their process, their inspiration, their favourite words. It's all on the table. 

You can listen to past episodes of Alphabet Soup on Soundcloud, or learn more about CITR on their website.

Radio Scripts

  • Piano George -- set around WWI, this radio drama follows a friendship: the boy who goes from cleaning a cinema to fighting in the trenches, and the old man who teaches him how to play the piano.
  • Get Home Safe, Stanley; Distract MeDistract Yourself and David Attenborough Is Sexy -- this trio of short radio comedies follows a family as they navigate the 2014 polar vortex and an obsession with Planet Earth. 
  • The Butterfly -- this radio comedy follows a sister and brother who break into a radio station at midnight to broadcast a message to their time-travelling mother.