what if?

Past Readings

Not Quite Breadcrumbs, Locution MFA Reading Series -- Cottage Bistro, Oct. 2015

[sign] excerpt, Locution MFA Reading Series -- Cottage Bistro, Jan. 2015

"A Velcro-Shaped Ache", Coffee House -- Green College, Feb. 2015

Of Dinner and Dark Ocean Butterflies excerpt, Fireside Reading -- Green College, Apr. 2014

"Contemplating why Ethan Hawke owns an island off the coast of Guysborough, NS", UBC summer residency reading -- Green College, July 2014

The Butterfly, Alphabet Soup -- CITR 101.9FM, summer 2014

Listen to the Rain excerpt, PARC Playwright's Colony public reading -- Sackville NB, May 2012

A Little Wordplay Between Friends, PDCC Network national meeting reading -- Saskatoon, Oct. 2012